Instructors Qualifications

At Pure Pilates we believe that having a good combination of qualifications and experience is necessary to make a good instructor.

With a combined experience of over 15 years some of the qualifications held by our staff are:

Are you a Pilates Instructor?

If you are still becoming an instructor and are currently gaining teaching experience pop along to one of our classes for free and we will have a chat with you about possible teaching in the future.

If you are an already qualified Pilates instructor and are interested in joining the Pure Pilates team either part or full time then please contact us at with the information below.

  • 1

    Name, current address, contact phone and e-mail

  • 2

    An up to date CV covering teaching experience and relevant qualifications

  • 3

    What type of availability you have if you were to teach. (i.e.) are you working full time already and looking to teach part time?


This section will be updated soon.